Media Coverage, Interviews and Articles.

Discover more about applied neuroscience, why I use these methods, and some of my additional interests in this selection of articles and interviews. 

Conversations with Mayi Lenz

Taking a look at why we all could do with a little more brain awareness with podcaster, Mayi Lenz.


Speaking to Dr Justin James Kennedy of the NPN Hub and Institute of Organisational Neuroscience about my work. 

FEM Magazine

Bring Your Authentic Self To Work! It's almost an anthem, but should it be universally applied?  I say no. 

Business Eye

Looking at why businesses are increasingly using applied neuroscience to improve effectiveness.

Currently available on many streaming sites, School of Rock is full of food for thought when starting a business

FEM Magazine

Digging into the archaeology and architecture of creating sustainable change, and why relevant information is critical to success. 

Purpose Driven Wealth Podcast

In this episode, I talk to Mo Bina about why it's so important to keep updating our understanding of how our brains work, in order to be our most effective. 

FEM Magazine

Why ideas are the habit I'm not trying to kick, and why knowing more about brain science bolsters your creativity and balance. 

BRAINZ Magazine

Dealing with overwhelm, from a brain-aware perspective. 

Infinity Matrix

Looking at the beliefs we hold, and how we make progress through greater understanding of our own brains with Ross and  Garry for their Infinite Wisdom series. 

Inspiration Talks

Chatting to Laiba for her youtube show, about neuroplasticity, my early years, and many other topics! 

More Coming Soon