Join Me at an Event

Many of my virtual and in-person events are open to visitors. Come along and say hi! 


13 & 14 NOV 2024, London EXCEL


The Big HR Meet - In Person

Friday 17th May, London

Emotions and our Overwhelming World - Workshop

NICVA - Virtual Event

Friday 26th April, 10.00am-12.00pm 

Tools for Thriving Workplaces

ORB - Virtual Event

Friday 19th April, 9.30am-11.30am 

Tools for Change Makers:
Resilience and Emotional Maths

Who is these sessions for?

These sessions are all aimed at those with an eye on personal development.

These events  are created specifically to help you start your journey with brain based tools in a way that is relatable and pragmatic. 

Do I need to know  science? 

Nope. Absolutely not. These sessions are based on robust neuroscience, but we're not talking about it in a scienc-ey way.  
If you love science great. If you are put off by the idea - don't worry. You don't have to think about any science at all :) 

What's the pitch? 

Nada.  I  believe that understanding our brains makes the world easier to navigate.

I also belive that you're smart and capable, and you'll be 100% able to judge for yourself if you want to join me for further adventures in applied neuroscience!

A Bit About Deirdre

With a vibrant blend of neuroscience and creativity, Deirdre Morrison unlocks the brain’s potential for individuals and teams across various industries.

As an accredited coach with master level qualifications from the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience, Deirdre's expertise is recognised globally. S

he serves on the faculty of the APC and is a co-founder of the NeuroDevelopment Institute, dedicated to advancing brain literacy.  

Deirdre is known for engaging workshops and sessions that enhance team performance, bolster communication, and foster emotional well-being. Her approach blends rigorous science with practical application, tailored to the dynamic needs of today’s professionals.  

 Outside the lab and workshop room, Deirdre is has many inspiring interests. Whether it’s road cycling, practicing Japanese sword arts, or delving into crafts like leatherworking and bookbinding, she finds joy in the hands-on process of learning and creating. Her background in art and design deeply influences her perspective on the neuroscience of creativity, bringing a unique flair to her professional endeavors.