Stress Less this Holiday Season.

Join a Christmas Lunch & Learn, and discover ways to reframe that stress and set yourself up for that joyful and peaceful Christmas you've always heard about!

Who is this session for?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, or under additional pressure and stress with the upcoming holiday season, then this session is for you.
If you're open to something better than the way things are now, this is for you. 

Do I need to know  science? 

Nope. Absolutely not. This session is based on neuroscience, but we're not talking about it in a scienc-ey way.  
If you love science great. If you are put off by the idea - don't worry. You won't have to think about any science at all :) 

What's the pitch? 

Nada. I have nothing to sell you. I  believe that understanding our brains makes the world easier to navigate.
This is my Christmas gift to you, and my hope for a better world.  

A Bit About Deirdre

Deirdre Morrison is an applied neuroscience specialist, working to raise levels of brain awareness for individuals and organisations.

A certified and accredited coach, Deirdre holds master qualifications from the Institute of Organisational Neuroscience,
is a faculty member of the APC, and co-founder of the non-profit NeuroDevelopment Institute.

Deirdre creates and facilitates accredited workshops and neuroeducation sessions to enhance team performance, communication, emotional regulation and wellbeing.

Her hobbies include road cycling, Japanese sword arts. As an art and design graduate, she takes a special interest in the neuroscience of creative thinking, and her craft training practices include leather working and book binding.

Deirdre is the host of the award winning Ambition Incubator Podcast.