A Bit About Deirdre

You know, it took me quite a while to work out my own Creative Blueprint. It took finding tools and techniques that aren't widely known or discussed, let alone taught.

I’ve always been labelled ‘the creative one’. I can’t disagree.

I am creative.

Art college, followed by careers in PR, photography, design, craft businesses… I’ve been creating my entire life.  

But how and when that flow came and went? I wondered if I could find out more about it - make it more consistent? Find out what was going on there... it was like the ultimate detective story, right??

I realised that ideas are my drug.... and it’s not a habit I want to kick!  

When I started studying applied neuroscience, it was like someone turned a light on in a dark room.  

Suddenly, many of the mysteries could be traded up for mastery.

My actions, reactions, and interactions became more purposeful and effective.

Why 1-1, Not a Group? 

Given the choice, I'll generally choose to watch a great detective in action.

Bring me your Sherlocks, and your Poirots, and your Monks.... There's something about the way these characters blend rationality and intuition...

They see stuff. They join the dots.

So do I.

Curiosity and Possibility are my watch words. I thrive on adventure and... not knowing.

This is why I work with my clients individually, rather than in the increasingly popular group format.

Don't get me wrong, that has a place. But this is not that place.

To really be in a position to get a comprehensive overview of your challenges and co-create solutions with you, then it's 1-1 or not at all, in my book.
It requires focus.
It requires detailed attention.
It requires the eyes of a detective - one who does not jump to conclusions, but lets the story unfold.

It requires patience, and awareness and trust. 

What If I Don't Feel Creative?

It's always really puzzled me that so many people either think they’re not creative, or end up creatively drained.

   I explored  this through the neuroscience of change, and childhood learning experiences. And in typical creative fashion, I started making some connections....  

An information deficit exists between what we’re taught about creativity and how our brains actually work, so people are using only a fraction of their creative potential.  

But the good thing is that neuroscience has been able to give us data that we can use to understand ourselves and our experience of the world around us.  

Not in a cookie cutter way, but in a way that, with careful, focused guidance, can break through barriers like nothing else.  

The world needs creativity more than ever. Our jobs demand it more than ever.  

Understanding the brain is a gateway to deeply creative thinking and world-changing solutions.  Creativity can be enhanced, and crucially, replenished.....a game changer for those who are required to be creative ‘on tap’ for years at a time, including those in PR, communications, copywriting, design, and more.