About Deirdre

I've always loved topics connected to thought, consciousness, communication and awareness.

But before I started to understand my own internal ecosystem, things were a lot more complicated.  It took finding tools and techniques that aren't widely known or discussed, let alone taught.

When I started studying applied neuroscience, it was like someone turned a light on in a dark room.  

Suddenly, many of the mysteries could be traded up for mastery.

My actions, reactions, and interactions became more purposeful and effective.That's why I do this - to move the needle in the right direction for our species.

I like to give my mind free rein on research and creativity. This is all brought to bear when I'm working with you. All those resources I've stashed away in my mind are at your disposal.

My work doesn't typically feel like 'work', but when I'm not doing it, I enjoy kendo, road cycling, and rewatching movies to understand them on an almost frame by frame basis. 

I'm Not Creative.... 

 An information deficit exists between what we’re taught about creativity and how our brains actually work, so people are using only a fraction of their creative potential.  

But the good news is that neuroscience has been able to give us data that we can use to understand ourselves and our experience of the world around us.  

Not in a cookie cutter way, but in a way that, with careful, focused guidance, can break through barriers like nothing else.
Creativity is part of the basic Being Human package.
You are Creative.

The world needs creativity more than ever. Our jobs demand it more than ever.  Our complex relationships benefit from it, more than ever.

Understanding your brain is a gateway to effective, deeply creative thinking and world-changing solutions.  

Why No Virtual Group Coaching?

To really be in a position to get a comprehensive overview of your challenges and co-create solutions with you, then it's gotta have a 1-1 element, in my book. It requires focus. It requires detailed attention.  It requires the eyes of a detective - one who does not jump to conclusions, but lets the story unfold.  It requires patience, and awareness, and trust.

When we work together, we look at  experiences, thinking and emotions through a filter of what your brain is trying to accomplish, and how it does so. 

Going this deep requires attention and support. This isn't  possible in large or virtual groups. This is why I work with my personal development clients individually, rather than in the increasingly popular '1-to-many' group format.

However, if you are the sort of person who loves a group dynamic, then don't worry. Starting in 2023, I will run some small group intensives, both virtually and in person. These  programmes will provide a perfect blend of 1-1 sessions, discovery, learning, support and community.

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 "I had such a profound takeaway  that it completely changed my perspective on what I was doing. I feel inspired, creative, and motivated! I’ve shared this experience with others and they too got a profound “ah-ha” moment from it too! Thank you so much!!!

R Cavaliere, Founder, Cavaliere Health

 "Great questions, strong listening and clear coaching plan linked to functioning of the brain. Deirdre was able to gradually and tactfully zoom into my needs.

J Nyssens, C-Suite exec.

 "I really am so grateful that we went through that process, it really is helping me organize my thoughts.

C Worth, Mental Health Professional

 "If you are seeking a coach I highly recommend a conversation with Deirdre that can change your life and take you on a new trajectory.

A Butters, Certified Life Coach