About Deirdre

I've always loved topics connected to thought, consciousness, communication and awareness.

But before I started to understand my own internal ecosystem, things were a lot more complicated.  It took finding tools and techniques that aren't widely known or discussed, let alone taught.

When I started studying applied neuroscience, it was like someone turned a light on in a dark room.  

Suddenly, many of the mysteries could be traded up for mastery.

My actions, reactions, and interactions became more purposeful and effective.That's why I do this - to move the needle in the right direction for our species.

My work doesn't typically feel like 'work', but when I'm not doing it, I enjoy kendo, road cycling, and rewatching movies to understand them on an almost frame by frame basis. 

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How My Experience Relates to My Work - And Yours. 

My original training was in art and design - back in the days when it was borderline disgraceful to be an art student... However, the most important thing that I took with me from that invaluable experience was a methodology for critical thinking. It has informed everything I've done since.

I worked in PR for many years, and left that field having reached a managerial level, in order to become a partner in a family business that supplied PR and marketing teams and consultancies.

But I still remember the gut-punching stress of client and team management - the quicksand of their briefs and expectations. The  last minute changes of mind, and the lack of understanding of what it is and isn't within our control when it comes to delivering.

When I started studying applied neuroscience, the most striking thing was how much easier everything became. And I knew that if I'd had those skills and information at my disposal back in my agency days, the rollercoaster would have been more fun, and less screaming.

 These days, I bring that information and understanding to teams and individuals, helping them to create more productive relationships, manage their own needs, and enhance interpersonal communication.

Not only that, but because what I share in training is applicable beyond your career, it has the added benefit of creating ways to improve our personal lives dramatically as well.

I show people ways to enhance our understanding of how and why our brains work the way they do, and utilise that information with  key skills and tools to create new choices and options for  every action, reaction and interaction that we have.

I've always loved those moments when our brains 'jump the tracks' and we see things in a new way - you might refer to it as a light bulb moment, or an aha... But when we jump the tracks, we see that a new direction is possible. And in that moment, we have a new choice. We have new options.
 We have hope for a better future. 

 "I had such a profound takeaway  that it completely changed my perspective on what I was doing. I feel inspired, creative, and motivated! I’ve shared this experience with others and they too got a profound “ah-ha” moment from it too! Thank you so much!!!

R Cavaliere, Founder, Cavaliere Health

 "Great questions, strong listening and clear coaching plan linked to functioning of the brain. Deirdre was able to gradually and tactfully zoom into my needs.

J Nyssens, C-Suite exec.

 "I really am so grateful that we went through that process, it really is helping me organize my thoughts.

C Worth, Mental Health Professional

 "If you are seeking a coach I highly recommend a conversation with Deirdre that can change your life and take you on a new trajectory.

A Butters, Certified Life Coach