F*@K Brain Hacks

#level 3 rant about why brain hacks are not the way to go.

It's nearly midnight on a Sunday night as I write this, and a realisation has just come to me, so I'm getting it into words before sleep takes me away from it.

I have an intense dislike of the term 'brain hacks'. I've been told by the sales gurus that I need to 'sell people what they want - and what they want is brain hacks'....

Yeah, right.

Hacks are generally like trying to apply a plaster over something instead of really getting it sorted properly.

Your brain deserves a bit more respect and appreciation than 'hacking it'. It is the single most influential part of your experience, and in it resides your potential and incredible possibilities.

So tell me again why I should 'hack' something this important, something this beautiful and complex? Something this creative, and this fundamental? Hacking does not demonstrate care or respect.

If you're looking for brain hacks, I'm sure there's someone who'll sell them to you. Brain hacks to make you a million dollars or whatever other snakeoil buzz words are on the go today is not on the menu here. I'm not interested in shallow tricks.

I want to show you what's really possible when you understand and deeply appreciate what's going on in your brain - and when you give that information the consideration and application it deserves. That's when things change for real. That's when hacks becoome irrelevant.

I want two things for you.

1 - you learn enough about your brain to have agency, choice and control in things that matter and

2 - you don't pour your money down the drain chasing a quick fix.

My apologies if that expresses a modicum of frustration. That's something I rarely feel these days. But as we'll discuss when we talk about energetic range, it has a purpose, and it's often where the momentum to create change comes from.

If you want to go deep into this stuff, then you are my kinda people. So here's the question. What do you want for your brain? What changes would you make? What would it help to understand? Stress management? Resilience? Emotional regulation? Improved relationships? It is all possible - and more. But none of it is about 'hacking' your brain. It's about understanding it, and knowing how to support it to do its job.

Come and talk to me if you know life's about more than hacks and quick fixes, and you want to find out more. DM me or check out the real deal over at my ANDIE programme

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