Work With Deirdre in 1-1 Sessions

You've probably heard more and more about neuroscience in recent years. Gone are the days when people thought it was all about laboratory conditions and electrodes strapped to your head.

Applied neuroscience a rapidly evolving field. It's being adopted by organisations and individuals from elite athletes, to top performing start ups.

The Insight Session is a perfect taster for the 'brain curious'. If you already know that this is the field that's helping people go from being good to being great, then this session is designed to help you see it in practise, with no further commitment.

Coaching as a development tool is an acknowledged way to develop your skills and effectiveness.

Hubert Joly, the man brought in to save the Best Buys chain, described it well. To paraphrase, everyone knows if you want to improve your tennis or your golf, then you get a coach. The same goes for any other area of life or business.  

Coaching can help you see round and through obstacles that are inhibiting your progress. In a coaching engagement, my role is to enhance your ability to tap into your neuroplasticity.

You choose what we work on, I bring the tools to show you how. 

New for '23!
Boost your Development

Due to the in-depth nature and my time commitment for 1-1 engagements, I limit the number of clients I take on this programme. I currently have capacity for twelve engagements in any given year. This is because for two hour session we spend together, the required preparation and wrap up work generally adds up to a far greater chunk of time than just the time we spend together.

In addition, I balance my 1-1 engagements with other commitments, such as research and CPD, consultancy, and my work at the NeuroDevelopment Institute.
Insight sessions are a little more flexible, because of their one-off nature, so they are often a good bridge, as well as being a great place to start your journey

I appreciate your patience and understanding if there is a waiting period before we can begin our work.