Brain Stuff, No Fluff.
Getting Under the Hood with
Applied Neuroscience!

Facilitated Personal Development Retreat.
Exquisite Location, Exceptional Food, Extraordinary Insights. 

For every action, reaction and interaction, there is an internal scurry of information in your body and brain, as your brain works out the best strategy it can think of to fulfil its primary function.
For every emotion you experience, there's an orchestra hammering out harmonies or hell raisers.
For every habit you make or break, there is reliable, relatable science to help you understand and take control of all these processes. 

Applied Neuroscience is a dynamic, evolving discipline, that combines knowledge from a number of fields, including neuroscience, psychology, and biology. Applied neuroscience takes dry and dusty data to make relatable tools that we can use in our daily lives to improve our choices when it comes to our actions, reactions and interactions. This can range from providing you with insights into your physical sensations, to concrete strategies to interrupt unhelpful patters, right through to learning how to deliberately 'state shift' from an unhelpful state, to a more helpful one.

If we haven't already met, my name is Deirdre Morrison. I'm an applied neuroscience practitioner, and accredited coach. I help people understand how their brains work, so that they can make meaningful, lasting improvements in their lives. 

I'm inviting you to join me, for an exclusive small group intensive. We'll stay in a truly intriguing location, set in exquisite English countryside, to prime ourselves for a better learning experience (I'll explain why that's important while we're there!)

We'll learn more about how you can turn the mysteries of the brain into emotional mastery, go from 'best intentions' to best results, and take away tools and techniques that you can use every day, for the rest of your life to make better choices and enjoy more successful relationships.  

We will get away from it all in an incredible historic building, set in its own 35 acre estate.
All our meals will be prepared by a chef, who will be creating meals designed to support our brain function and energy, so we get the most from our time together. (Plus, he may even give us the recipes ;) )
The whole experience is designed based on the fundamentals of applied neuroscience, supporting your natural neuroplasticity, so that what your brain will be primed to learn and absorb in this amazing setting. 

Location images courtesy of Hallington Mill, Northumberland. 

What's Included in the Retreat

  • Accommodation at the historic Hallington Mill, in Northumberland
  • Full board, cooked by our in-house chef
  • An opportunity to get away from it all in the company of people who appreciate personal development work
  • Glorious nature and dark night skies, with 35 acres of walks and meadows to enjoy. 
  • A 30 minute 1-1 consultation by zoom prior to the residential to discuss your specific areas of interest
  • Neuroscience based learning programme, to enhance your learning
  • Workshops and discussions, with practise sessions
  • A further 90 minute 1-1 zoom consultation approx 4 weeks after the residential to reflect on your progress, and ask any outstanding questions                                                                                                   

Programme Outline

Before we Begin

  • 1-1 consultation via zoom to discuss your personal development, and ensure that we maximise this opportunity for your growth. 

Arrival (Fri 22nd Sept 2023)

  • Arrive any time from 2pm, get settled and enjoy the surroundings
  • Meet other participants over an informal evening meal
  • Enjoy the quietness, and take the opportunity to rest before we start. This is important!
  • Light refreshments will be available throughout the evening to accommodate different arrival times

 Main Retreat Days (Sat 23rd - Mon 25th)

  • Enjoy a healthy, nutritious breakfast 
  • Take in our workshop sessions
  • Relax over lunch
  • Practise and discussion sessions
  • Take some time out to reflect on what's been discussed, and let your questions and insights surface to discuss with the group, or in your post-event coaching session. 
  • Join us for a specially prepared dinner, and take the opportunity to share and reflect on your experiences with the other participants. 

 Departure (Mon 25th / Tue 26th)

  • The retreat will finish with a celebration meal on Monday 25th September. You are welcome to stay that evening or head home, as it suits you best
  • Final departure be before 11am on Tue 26th September

A more detailed programme will be shared with participants ahead of the retreat, and will reflect the group make up. 

Want to Join Us? 

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