Intelligence Ecosystem 1-1 Programme (six months)

In Brief

  • Completely custom programme, lasting 6+ months
  • Monthly 1-1 Sessions lasting up to 2 hours  
  • Extensive use and practise with applied neuroscience tools and concepts 
  • Personal portal, with relevant information, resources and direct support available between sessions
  • Investment: £3800

What is my 'Ecosystem'?

We all have a Ecosystem, but very few of us recognise it, or the role it has in advancing and nurturing our growth.

You can think of this programme as a way of mapping the ecosystem that goes to make up your intelligence and emotional landscape, using applied neuroscience.

Your Ecosystem Includes:

  • Your Experiences 
  • Your Mental Resources 
  • Your Physical Resources 
  • Your Relationships 
  • Your Brain Tool Kit 
  • Your Nurture Regime

Is It Right for Me? 

The Ecosystem Programme is for you if you know that you want to understand how and why your brain works, so that you can consistently access better thinking, make better choices about your actions, reactions and interactions.

If you've tried other modalities, or group programmes, and had results you're not thrilled by, then this could be what you're looking for.

Many personal development programmes tell us WHAT to do, but don't explain HOW or WHY that impacts our brain. That's what we do differently here. As well as identifying the issues, we look at how best to support the brain in arriving at improved outcomes, using neuroscience-backed tools and techniques.

We work on:

  • Creating an enhanced understanding of your brain's functions
  • Insights into neuroplasticity and how to support it
  • New understanding of actions, reactions and interactions that previously seemed beyond control
  • Solutions or new perspectives on perplexing or frustrating problems
  • Enhanced levels of creative thinking
  • Ways to nurture your creativity

What Happens in a Session?

Typically, we'll start with a conversation to look at the areas of your life that are working well, and those that could use some improvement.

Once we've identified the most helpful place to start, we will - dive into some of the tools I use to support neuroplasticity and help people achieve change - discuss some of the concepts behind these tools and how they impact your effectiveness.  

Because I maintain an overview of all your sessions, then the tools we use build on each other to create a multidimensional set of techniques for you to have 'in your back pocket' when they matter.

What Will I Achieve in Six Months?

Assuming that you are committed to taking the information and insights from our conversations into your every day life, you can expect to see some or all of the following: 

  • Improved communication
  • better resilience and wellbeing 
  • greater awareness and ability to move through emotions 
  • access to more effective and creative thinking 
  • better understanding of those around you 
  • ability to work with stress and other difficult states

In addition, you will also have

  • access to a record of all the tools we have used   
  • my personalised notes and recommendations for you when using them  
  • a suite of additional reading and resources to support your NeuroCreative journey.

What Does an Engagement Look Like?

Our first session will take a similar form to the Insight Session - we'll start mapping your personal ecosystem, and assessing priority areas.

Once this is done, and we've agreed the finer grain of how we want to work together (frequency of meetings, interim support and check-ins etc), we will proceed to combine neuroeducation and application of neuroscience backed techniques and strategies to enhance your potential, creativity, and effectiveness.

After your first session, I will create your personal portal - a private platform for you to access relevant materials and resources to support your learning journey.

Typically, the bulk of this work takes place over a period of about six months.

This Sounds Expensive. How Much? 

Expensive is relative. Look, I don't do sales patter, but I genuinely believe that in order to maximise our potential, the best investment we can make is in ourselves. And I know that that's something I found myself struggling with on occasion, so I understand the resistance.
Self-worth. The value we place on ourselves.

The price for 2022/2023 is £5800. Having been a careful observer of the personal and professional development space for some time, I think it's a bargain, and I don't say that flippantly.

Yes, I'd Like to Sign Up. 

Thank you for your trust. I appreciate that you're a smart, capable, individual, and you very likely know what you want.

However, I insist on a conversation to ensure that  

  • we're a good fit 
  • you appreciate the depth and rigour of the process  
  • I get a sense of any background factors that will be brought to the table and might be contra-indicators to a successful collaboration
  • our time commitments will enable us to meet consistently during the course of the engagement. 

Please use this link to find a spot in my diary, and we'll go from there!

 "I had such a profound takeaway  that it completely changed my perspective on what I was doing. I feel inspired, creative, and motivated! I’ve shared this experience with others and they too got a profound “ah-ha” moment from it too! Thank you so much!!!

R Cavaliere, Founder, Cavaliere Health

 "Great questions, strong listening and clear coaching plan linked to functioning of the brain. Deirdre was able to gradually and tactfully zoom into my needs.

J Nyssens, C-Suite exec.

 "I really am so grateful that we went through that process, it really is helping me organize my thoughts.

C Worth, Mental Health Professional

 "If you are seeking a coach I highly recommend a conversation with Deirdre that can change your life and take you on a new trajectory.

A Butters, Certified Life Coach