NeuroCreative Deep Dive

What is the Deep Dive?

The Deep Dive session is a two hour investigative session to look at obstacles and issues that you face.

This one-off session is a perfect way to decide if you  want to pursue applied neuroscience methods in your personal development. The topic & associated tools will emerge as we discuss your situation

No two sessions are alike and this one will be entirely unique to you, your situation, concerns and needs.

Examples of Deep Dive topics

  • How the Big Six Affect Your Progress
  • Your Brain and Your Body Budget
  • Habit Archaeology and Architecture
  • Marginal Losses & Recovering from  Psychological Negative Equity
  • ACE: Awareness, Consciousness and Effectiveness
  • Value vs Values
  • Supporting Neuroplasticty for Enhanced Effectiveness
  • Hemispheric Differences and How They Show Up
  • Positive vs negative attractors - compassion or compliance

But Will It Work For Me?
Let's talk about you.

What will I get from a Deep Dive?

A Deep Dive session opens up new possibilities and choices. It is often a real breakthrough moment. Although it is just one session, and the conversation will depend on what it is that you want to work on, clients typically leave with some of the following: 
 - Enhanced understanding of your brain's functions
 - Insights into neuroplasticity and how to support it
 - New understanding of actions, reactions and interactions that previously seemed beyond control
 - Solutions to perplexing or frustrating problems
 - Enhanced levels of creative thinking
 - Ways to nurture your creativity

If you can show me a good enough reason to make me believe you're not creative... then, ironically, you are creative. Creativity is an aspect of our intelligence that is greatly affected by our culture and societal understanding of what it is. You are creative. Part of the blueprint process involves identifying, appreciating, and learning to enhance that creativity. 

This session will last up to two hours. I recommend that you block out an additional 15-30 minutes after the session to take a break. This is one of the ways of supporting the learning process that you have undertaken during the session. 

We start with an investigation of your current situation, and what you want to achieve over the course of our time together. It is quite typical for the initial obstacle or problem to be a symptom, rather than a true obstacle in and of itself. So, as we talk, the direction of our conversation will determine the tools and level of neuroeducation that I introduce. However, you will learn more about how your brain works, including some 'advanced driving skills' to give you choice and control in your actions, reactions and interactions, at work and at home. 

Yes, you can continue to book individual sessions, or you can upgrade from your Deep Dive to a NeuroCreative Blueprint programme over 6-8 months. If you upgrade, the cost of your Deep Dive will be deducted from the price of the Blueprint process. 

A Deep Dive session, lasting up to 2 hours costs £375. 

Yes, you can book individual hourly sessions. These are stand-alone sessions, and are not supported by a personal web portal. They are more suitable for coaching around a single issue or upcoming event. You can also sign up for to the NeuroCreative Blueprint programme. 

I am a certified neurotransformational coach (CNTC), an accredited and faculty member of the Association of Professional Coaching, a professional member of The European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and the founder of the NeuroDevelopment Institute. I have studied under neuroscience experts including Ann Betz and Amanda Blake, and I have extensive training in methods and techniques used in applied neuroscience.

 "I had such a profound takeaway  that it completely changed my perspective on what I was doing. I feel inspired, creative, and motivated! I’ve shared this experience with others and they too got a profound “ah-ha” moment from it too! Thank you so much!!!

R Cavaliere, Founder, Cavaliere Health

 "Great questions, strong listening and clear coaching plan linked to functioning of the brain. Deirdre was able to gradually and tactfully zoom into my needs.

J Nyssens, C-Suite exec.

 "I am very happy with the results I got from my coach Deirdre. She has very professional skills, she cares for the client, is very kind, and was listening very carefully to my concerns and my situation, and totally understands me in such a good way. I feel so safe and free to share with her my problems and she totally helped me with her techniques.

E Nuti

 "I really am so grateful that we went through that process, it really is helping me organize my thoughts.

C Worth, Mental Health Professional

 "If you are seeking a coach I highly recommend a conversation with Deirdre that can change your life and take you on a new trajectory.

A Butters, Certified Life Coach