Executive Coach?
Team Coach?

No one needs to reinvent the wheel....

...but is it time to check the tyre pressure? 

You've built a thriving business over the years, and you've delivered results, day in day out.
You've honed your toolkit, maybe even developed some tools of your own, and they work a treat.
You know what works for you, and you know what works for your clients.
But somewhere in your peripheral vision, you've noticed the chatter. Neuro-this and neuro-that.

I mean, let's face it, if the tool worked before, it's not going to stop working cos of some research finding, is it?

But what if you could point to WHY it works with back up from this applied neuroscience?
What if you could keep those tools sharp with some cutting edge info to support them?

Sounds great, right? But who's got time to do all that, on top of all the other things we're juggling?

Ermmm, well, actually that's what I do, and as your consultant, I could do it for you.
Think of me as your friendly, neighbour neuro-geek.
And I like nothing better than mapping what i find onto existing modalities and even ancient wisdom.

There are some really powerful benefits to being able to draw on the discoveries made in the field of neuroscience - even if it's only to satisfy yourself that your tools are still useful.
Or for that smarty-pants at the far side of the room when he tries to show off!

If this sounds like exactly what you need to enhance your offering, then we should talk. 

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